10 Tips For Keeping The Interior Of Your Car Clean in Scottsdale.

Every car owner is different. One of those differences relates to how well-maintained their car’s interior is (or isn’t).

People are busy. Depending on your job or lifestyle, you will likely spend a lot of time in your car, either commuting to and from work or transporting your family from one place to another. Your vehicle could even be part of your business.

Although we encourage getting your car detailed two to three times a year and keeping up with regular washes, we understand you have limited time and resources. That’s why we’ve developed easy tips and tricks for maintaining your car’s interior car between those washes and details.

10 Ways to Keep Your Car’s Interior Cleaner for Longer

  1. Keep a trash container or receptacle in your car.

This one may seem obvious, but it is a game-changer ranger. It can be as fancy as the Carhart Car Organizer or as simple as an extra grocery bag. This will ensure that anything that has the potential to leak will do so in its proper place and not ruin the mats or upholstery in your vehicle if you empty it regularly; it will also eliminate clutter and any weird scholarly.

  1. Invest in a car storage or. organizer

There are many storage organizers with pockets and compartments for your go-to items, such as umbrellas, ice scrapers, paper towels, kids’ toys, emergency kits, etc. Most of these organizers attach to your headrest and drape over the back of your seat, keeping everything accessible but adequately placed. This way, nothing is rolling around, and nothing gets lost.

  1. Keep a lint roller in your center c.onsole

Speaking of things to always keep in your car, a lint roller or even a lint brush (if you prefer an eco-friendly route) is a must-have. Not only will this keep your clothing hairline-free, but it will also keep your seats and other upholstery free from pesky animal hair or other debris that may have made its way onto your floor, chair, back, and cushions.

  1. Consider a car-cleaning gel.

These squishy little things may bring back memories of childhood toys or science projects, but they are worth looking into for picking up hard-to-get dust or debris. The sticky texture removes debris or dust that has adhered to your dash, vents, and other parts of your car’s interior.

We don’t recommend keeping it in your car, especially in warmer climates such as Phoenix or Scottsdale. The substance may melt in a hot car and ruin whatever it touches. Maybe leave this helper in the garage or your home.

  1. Cover your seats

Car seat covers were invented for area: to protect the upholstery of your seats from spills, stains, hair, and dirt. Today, there are even kick mats on the back of front seats to prevent damage from small children in car seats. They can kick a way, and the dirt and goo on their little shoes won’t leak anywhere it’s not supposed to.

  1. Clean up spills right away.

Remember that car organizer from earlier? One thing that is always good to have on hand in your vehicle that you could fit easily into an organizer is paper towels or wet wipes.

If you clean up spills immediately, they are less likely to stain or seep into your mats or upholstery. Wipe up spills when they happen and check them later to see if you need to give the spot more attention with something more substantial, like a fabric cleaner. (Always read the labels on car fabric cleaners to ensure they are compatible with your car’s interior.)

  1. Get or make an air freshener.

When you eat different food on the go-the-go or have people getting in and out of your vehicle, it creates a combination of smells that are not always pleasant. Part of what makes a car feel clean is its odor or lack thereof. Grabbing a three-packack of rearview hanging trees (of your preferred scent) or making a DIY freshener (you can use kitty litter and an old pair of tights or felt and your favorite essential oil) can make all the difference.

  1. Cup Holder Liners

There are liners explicitly made to fit your cup holders, but silicon baking cups also work well and fit nicely. They help trap any condensation or spills from drinks and serve as an extra organization source for loose change or other odds and ends. Silicon baking cups can withstand extreme heat as they are made to go into the oh, which is a bonus for Phoenix-area drivers.

  1. Check your shoes before getting into you’re car.

One of the most common ways dirt makes it into your car or truck is by tracking it in on your boots or shoes. Take a few moments to click your heels together to stomp the mud and dust off your shoes before entering your vehicle.

  1. Vacuum or shake out mats regularly

If stomping and wiping your shoes off before entering your car or truck is not enough, it might be a good idea to shake out your mats and vacuum your vehicle’s interior periodically. Many drive-thru car washes have free vacuums you can use after paying for a car wash. There are also a variety of handheld vacuum options available.

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