Ceramic Coatings Installation in Scottsdale, AZ

ceramic coatings being applied

RPM Auto Styling offers a variety of ceramic coating formulas to meet your every need. We install many types of ceramic coatings to protect and beautify almost any surface on your vehicle.

Ceramic coatings act like a super hydrophobic synthetic clear coat which enhances the look and performance of your vehicle. Ceramic coatings not only protect your vehicle from environmental hazards like UV damage, iron deposits, road contaminates, overspray, and bird droppings.

The ceramic coating increases your clear coat’s hardness by three times, allowing for three times more washing and drying before marring begins to occur.

It increases the surface tension of your clear coat, diminishing the number of surface pores and static, lessening dirt and debris adhesion.

Dramatically reduces the time and effort needed to maintain your vehicle’s like-new appearance.


Ceramic coatings are the highest quality product and the latest technology on the market today regarding liquid paint protection.

Ceramic coatings are composed of nano-ceramic liquid polymers that bond rapidly and with maximum adhesion to the paint. The tight molecular bond and high contact angle create a super hydrophobic effect, superior durability, and years of protection.

Ceramic coatings can be applied to matte and satin paint finishes, clear bra, and vinyl.Professional application is necessary, or removal is difficult if misapplied.


Ceramic coatings are designed to protect a vehicle’s paintwork from damage caused by environmental factors such as UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings, and other contaminants.

They also help prevent scratches and swirl marks, making cleaning the vehicle’s exterior easier.

ceramic coatings uv protection

UV Radiation

ceramic coatings weather protection

Weather Erosion

ceramic coatings bird protection

Bird Droppings

ceramic coatings chemical protection


ceramic coatings tree sap protection

Tree Sap Pollen

ceramic coatings light scratching protection

Light Scratches / Marring

Speciality Coating Options


RPM Auto Styling offers complete multifaceted interior surface protection, providing a barrier against dirt and grime becoming ingrained in the substrates, keeping your interior clean longer. Super-hydrophobic, repelling liquid causes it to pool on the surface where it can easily be wiped away. The coatings increase the lifespan of your interior, arming it with UV resistance to keep your surfaces as vibrant and soft as the day you brought them home.


Things like dirt, bugs, tree sap, snow, and frost can adhere to your windshield, reducing visibility as you drive. Rainwater can prove hazardous on unprotected glass, as it can cover glass-like sheets impairing visibility altogether. Coating your windshield will increase visibility by repelling water and causing it to bead up and flow off the glass. It will also keep the glass clean longer since dirt and grime will no longer be able to stick to it.


Road grime, contaminants, and brake dust accumulate on the surface of your wheels over time, diminishing the appearance of their finish. If you live in winter climates, they are subject to the corrosive effects of de-icing salts and chemicals. During the coating process, RPM Automotive will remove your wheels to ensure thorough steam clean and total coverage of your brake calipers, wheel faces, barrels, and fender liners. The wheels will then be reinstalled back to factory specifications.

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About RPM Auto Styling

Matt Hudson, the Owner, has built RPM Auto Styling on a foundation of respect and care for the customer.

Our attention to detail is unmatched. Our technicians are Certified with training in automotive refinishing and collision repair and include Master Detailing & Paint Correction certified.

We provide the highest quality automotive protection to meet the needs of the most discerning clientele.

rpm auto styling owner matt

If you’re looking for quality workmanship – trust RPM Auto Styling to get it done right!



Awesome experience. Fast, efficient and great quality. My paint protection film looks perfect. Definitely would recommend.

Michael Recuber
Had the clear bra put on my new X3. Matt gave me a couple options and stands by his work. Very happy and will give home my future business.
Francis Shoen